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Where we come from

It all began in Sydney, Australia, in 1957, when Mrs Grace Collins and a small group of women began meeting to study The Bible together. Their spiritual hunger and enthusiasm made them want more than just a weekly meeting..….

…   so they spent a weekend away JUST in Bible study!  It was so popular they held another the following year, with double the numbers, and so word began to spread until weekend Bible conventions for women were being held all over Australia, under the name of Christian Women’s Conventions, then Christian Women’s Conventions International when the it reached women in New Zealand, hence  CWCI.


Thousands of women were attending the Australian weekend conventions once or twice a year but also wanted regular teaching at a local level.  Know Your Bible groups started using study material, mainly written by Jean Raddon, who was working with CWCI in Australia. When CWCI was established in the UK in 1978 we bought the study books from Australia, but we now print our own copies from the material supplied electronically from Australia.

 As the ministry of CWCI broadened over the years the we became CHRISTIAN WOMEN COMMUNICATING Intl, with National Management Boards in Australia and New Zealand.  The UK has a National Leadership Team which also incorporates Europe, and there are National Committees in several other countries.

 When CWCI celebrated its 50th year in 2007, it was felt to be an opportune time for a change of name, and in the UK became known as KNOW YOUR BIBLE, with CWCI Australia, in CWCI New Zealand and the international ministry as CWCI International.                                                                                                                                                


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