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Local groups

Around 130 KYB groups meet weekly or fortnightly

in a home or church room, in a relaxed, comfortable space.


They generally have 4-10 members, mainly women,
(although men’s and mixed groups are welcome to use our materials), and are non-denominational.


Each member buys a study book for the unit they are studying, then reads the Bible passages and answers questions at home, ready to meet together to compare and discuss our answers. There is always time for sharing personal experiences and praying, together with the Bible study, and strong friendships develop over the weeks and months.


Good leadership is important, and leaders are supported with a free guidebook,
providing answers, ideas for opening and closing words, as well as background information.


Most groups meet in person, while others meet online.To find a group local to you, contact the Admin office 07516 47997 


Or maybe start up a group of your own – it’s not as daunting as it might sound!

Contact for helpful information about starting a group.

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