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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do you run Know Your Bible Conferences?

We aim for a residential weekend conference every year,
then Area Day Conferences are run in different parts of the country
in Spring and Autumn. 

2. Are your conferences suitable for non-Christians?

They are primarily for women who really want to deepen their faith by applying the Bible to their lives,
although non-Christians are very welcome to come.

3. Are any of your events suitable for non-Christians?

Yes, some areas hold outreach events and KYB study groups have been an excellent way of introducing people to the Christian faith, with some studies particularly suited to them, such as the Good News.

4. Does it matter what Bible translation I use?

Not at all, though the studies are based on the New International Version. In our study groups it is often very interesting and helpful to read different translations of a passage.

5. Do you run Day Conferences throughout the country?

No, not as yet, but we would be delighted to help you run a Day Conference, so please get in touch with us if you’d like to explore this possibility.

6. How much do you charge for your Day Conferences?

It varies from area to area, some areas operate a freewill offering whilst some have a set ticket price (some also include lunch.) Contact  Margaret Kearley our administrator to find out more.

7. How often do the KYB study groups meet?

Usually weekly or fortnightly, in a home or a church, in a relaxed, comfortable space.


8. Is there a KYB study group in my area?

Quite possibly, we have around 150 groups in the country.
Alternatively, you could start a group of your own – you just need 3 people in total. Each group leader orders study books for her group and a leader’s book with the answers in, is automatically included.

9. How do I find a KYB study group in my area?

Contact our KYB office

10. How much do your study books cost?

 Study books are £4.00 per copy. Each person has their own book for study at home, before coming together with the rest of the group to share answers and thoughts.

For answers to any other questions please contact us.

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