Sue Edgeler shares some thoughts on growth & transformation.


Every year Spring brings the promise of something new.

Here in the south-west the camellias are out in my garden, along with some primroses and daffodils.

They certainly brighten a grey, gloomy day, especially when the sunshine breaks through.

The garden is being transformed by the tender new shoots pushing up through the dark ground. Over the winter, unseen by me they have been developing and maturing in that dark soil, hidden from sight and unnoticed.

For many of us, life has recently been dark and gloomy as we have tried to navigate our way through another challenging year yet God has still been at work in those dark times.

2 Corinthians 3 v18 reminds us that we, “…who with unveiled faces reflect the Lord’s glory are being transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord.” God has not stopped His transforming work in us, making us like Him so that we can be image bearers of His son Jesus Christ.


The plants in my garden are drawn to the light of the sun no matter how faint it is.

Our own reflection of our Saviour is often far from perfect; we may face seasons of darkness, despair, fear and anxiety yet as we trust God He transforms these feelings into ones of hope, joy and peace.  Our friends and family will then see God reflected in our lives and may come to know and love Him for themselves.

We have the promise of Philippians 1v16 that God will complete the work He has started in us.


So let's not lose heart; let's be encouraged. We are all works in progress. God is transforming us.

Let's not copy the behaviour and customs of this world but let God transform us into a new person by changing the way we think. Romans 12v2 NLT.

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