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Privacy & Data Protection

Know Your Bible is committed to preserving your privacy, to letting you know how we use and keep safe your personal information and to making responsible use of your data.   We operate policies and procedures to ensure that we meet the standards expected by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

  1. Know Your Bible is a registered charity and is a not-for-profit organisation; we do not sell on information for profit or advertising purposes.

  2. No information on our data base is passed on to a third party outside Know Your Bible.

  3. Information is only passed on to someone within Know Your Bible after permission is sought, and agreement given, by the person whose information is requested.

  4. All data kept is secured on a password protected computer or in a locked document case.

  5. Data is kept by the National Leadership Team, Area teams and local teams of Know Your Bible only.

  6. The only data we hold is that which is given to us by individuals in order for us to provide them with information about our activities, send out Newslink magazines/newsletters, mailing Bible study books to group leaders and individuals; and to enable us to keep in touch with those interested in Know Your Bible who have requested contact.

  7. The information we hold includes names, titles, email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers.

  8. Those asking about a Bible Study group in their area will not be given the address of the Bible Study Leader.  With the permission of the person requesting a study group their information will be passed to the study leader enabling contact to be made.

  9. If there are no spaces in the study group, or there is no group in their locality, then a member of the leadership team will speak to the person requesting a group and seek to identify how they might be linked with a suitable group elsewhere. In such cases, with the permission of the person requesting a study group, their information will be passed to a relevant group leader so that contact can be established.

The Data Protection Trustee is responsible for overseeing the application of our data protection policy and procedures across Know Your Bible.

As well as appearing here on our website, our Data Protection policy is available and at all Know Your Bible events.

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